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"Every person believes that they can spot their ego, not realizing that the person is the ego. The ego is only the sense that ‘I am a person’, which is created by believing thought.
When belief in thought is withdrawn, the oxygen supply to the person is cut off, but he still lives for a while, gasping for breath, panicking. In panic, he believes the most beautiful of thoughts: “I am God”, “Belief in thought is also God’s will”, etc. But he cannot rely on them, and soon even these pristine thoughts are dropped.
Then he knows. Then he knows everything that can come from this mouth is only false and there is no Truth that can be spoken.
Silence is the only Truth."

- Ananta (via tobiji)

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The ordinary mind can never know the Self. The Self can never be known by the ordinary mind. Therefore what is the solution? More sadhana? More intense meditation? No. The solution is to have a cup of tea, to relax.

The metaphor “to have a cup of tea” really means to let go. Stop thinking about it. Relax completely. The self will make itself known to you in it’s own time. You really do not have to do anything.

When you practice intense sadhana it will lead you to a quiet mind, but it will never lead you to complete realization, for the ordinary mind can never be realized.

There is absolutely nothing you can do with your mind to awaken. It can make you more peaceful. Therefore you have to learn to relax, let go, to become desireless. You need nothing, yet you need everything.

You have no wants or needs, yet everything is taken care of. It makes no difference whether you’re sick or healthy, rich or poor, sad or happy. These things have nothing to do with realization. You want to forget about your body-mind phenomena. Just observe your body but never react to it.

Observe the world but never react to it. Observe your thoughts but never react to them. Allow whatever happens to happen.

The reason you act this way, as if you’re crazy, is because everything in the world is transient, changeable. There is no thing in the world that is really meaningful as far as realization is concerned. The world pulls you deeper and deeper into maya. It’s sort of a game. The more you become involved in the world, the greater the illusion becomes, and you become a very serious person. Let the world alone. Trying to overcome the world is a mistake. Not trying to overcome the world is also a mistake. Trying to become realized is a mistake. Not trying to become realized is a mistake.

You are to be your Self but do not try to comprehend what the Self is. You are to be free but do not comprehend what freedom is. You are to be happy but do not try to figure out what happiness is. You are to become peaceful but do not try to comprehend peace. You are to BE. Not this and not that. Just be. There is nothing to become. There is no thing to achieve. There is no sadhana that is better than any other sadhana. There is absolutely nothing you have to do.


- Robert Adams (via oceanandwave)

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Me meeting the gorgeous, Bam Margera


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i think people just need to learn to chill the fuck out

and not give a fuck

cause honestly

i’ve been happy for like 85% of my life

and i just want everyone else to

sort their shit out

so we can all be happy together

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hi this is my history teachers school picture and i promised i would make him tumblr famous feel free to photoshop his face on to various things thank you




here, i made it transparent for y’all. :]



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